Lokahi 2014

Phyllis Elmore VSandra Vera

Abandoned food in teachers lounge refrigerator: The Mighty Forgotten Tuna-fish Salad
Have I Died! What is this monster coming at me this early in the morning. Shutting my brain down.
My day is ruined, my brain shut down. Who are are these faces but none of them want me. I feel abandoned, forgotten, alone, discriminated against, forsaken. I think I will just fill this space with my aroma. I did not know I could smell this good. Not even the most expensive perfume smells this goooood. Channel, move aside. I am taking your place. I will make the most of my time alone and spread it around. Spread the Joy! Alright, Open the refrigerator door and share this. I will not keep it to myself.

Phyllis Elmore, NBCTFamily and Consumer Sciences
Lakeland High School
Suffolk Public Schools
Suffolk, VA 23434