What is Edcamper Lokahi?

As our edcamp uniquely promotes regionalism and connection between aspiring and practicing educators, Lokahi is a Hawaiian word that embodies the spirit of edcampHRVA.


Kaleidoscope of differences

Hawaiians ancient and modern call for ‘lokahi’ amongst themselves too. ‘Everyone comes together – that’s lokahi,’ says an old-timer. We educators work best and most creatively, when harmony is sought, through a kaleidoscope of differences. Edcamp begins each time with no one plan – plenty of conflicting thoughts and visions – and yet it is a dynamic, creative process that emerges. The unity or harmony in ‘lokahi’ does not mean sameness. It recognizes that we will always walk different paths, desire different ends, and contend for them. More courageously, it says we can come together nevertheless, to work for the good, the beautiful, the needful.

Creative convergence

A true understanding of lokahi sees the variety of what each of us is, the spectrum of what we all are. Then it calls forth the responses we can all make and share with one another. All voices are honored and respected. To converge for creativity, growth, and reflection – and leave us free to diverge on our own paths when our time together as ended.

Edcamper Lokahi means the creative and fruitful harmony that arises from diversity.



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