What is LFVA?

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Learning Forward Virginia, formerly the Virginia Staff Development Council, was established in 2003 as an affiliate of Learning Forward, formerly the National Staff Development Council. In 2010, by a vote of the membership, the name of this organization was changed to Learning Forward Virginia. Virginia changed its affiliate name to match the name change enacted by the National Staff Development Council (NSDC) in 2009 when NSDC became Learning Forward.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to connecting educators with information, strategies, and best practices that demonstrate high expectations and produce positive results for all students and staff.

Our Vision

All educators in the Commonwealth of Virginia will experience high-quality professional learning as part of their daily work to ensure high levels of student success.

Our Beliefs

  1. Effective professional learning is fundamental to student learning.
  2. All educators have an obligation to improve their practice.
  3. Students achieve when educators assume collective responsibility for student learning.
  4. Sustainable learning cultures require skillful leadership.
  5. Improving student learning and professional practice requires ongoing systemic and organizational change.
  6. Student learning increases when educators reflect on professional practice and student progress.

Regional Representation

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has divided the Commonwealth into 8 geographic regions. The largest region is comprised of 22 school divisions and the smallest region is comprised of 11 school divisions. Learning Forward Virginia (LFVA) has a Regional Representative for each region to support the work of the association. The 8 Regional Representatives are elected and are members of the LFVA Board of Directors. The President-Elect provides guidance and support to the Regional Representatives.

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Why join…Benefits

Become a Learning Forward Virginia Member

The membership of the Learning Forward Virginia is composed of teachers, principals, specialists, staff development personnel, directors, professors, and educational consultants. Membership is open to any person from Virginia who is interested in professional development and the achievement of students.

Benefits of membership:

  • Member Database An in-house database, containing membership application information, is maintained and updated. This allows the organization to facilitate networking opportunities within and across regions in the state.
  • Electronic Newsletter Posted on the organization’s web page, the newsletter provides regional, state, and national events in the area of professional development as well as dates of importance. The newsletter is published quarterly and emailed to current members.
  • Web Site The organization’s web site contains the LFVA history, information about its regional and state events, links to Learning Forward, and a link to the Learning Forward Standards. LFVA sponsors a State Conference each fall. In addition, a state meeting is held each summer.
  • Annual Directory Each year, a directory of all members is published. Each LFVA member will be provided with a directory to facilitate networking between fellow staff developers within the state. Regional Network and Activities Regional Representatives keep members engaged through the use of email and announce local professional development activities.
  • Other Member Benefits LFVA provides an opportunity for staff developers to network with other staff development professionals. The organization is a source for professional research and best practice. It gives teachers and leaders an opportunity for continued professional growth and learning.

How to Join

Apply for our no annual fee membership or update your contact information here.